Classroom Projects

Kaleidoscope Academy students are actively learning in a variety of ways.  This area of the site will be utilized to highlight a few different assignments throughout the year that students want to showcase.

2020 Art Magazine 

We are so excited to share with you our virtual art magazine. This year we were unable to have our art show, but we still wanted to celebrate all the hard work our art students put into distance learning. They took the challenge head on and didn't let being apart stop their creative energy. We are so proud of our artists and can't wait to create together again soon.

Click here to view the magazine.

Geologic Time Project – students from Mrs. Shadick’s 8th Grade Science Class

Project Description: After studying Geologic Time, students were asked to create a movie trailer that represents the certain time period/epoch they chose. The movie trailer needed to include various literary elements, have a plot line, but also include information they found regarding the time period/epoch they chose.

Zombie Apocalypse Project – Astronomy 8th Grade

AHHHHHHH!  A zombie apocalypse has wiped out a majority of planet Earth.  You and a small group of survivors must leave Earth immediately!  There are no scientists left, so your group must convince President Shadick that your planet is the BEST planet to sustain human life.

In your group of up to three survivors, you need to make sure to address the following three major concerns:
  1. Why is your planet the best planet to support life?  In other words, tell about the important parts of your planet.
  2. What can you change about the planet to get it ready for human life?
  3. What can you change about humans so that they can live on your planet?

Here are some video projects presented by students:

Here is a link to a Prezi presentation.

Here is a link to a website that a student used for a project.  

Immigration Reform – Mr. Richards Social Studies/LA – 8th Grade

Click here to read the project details students were given.

Below are some video examples of this project.

Projects – Ms. Saugstad’s 8th Grade Social Studies/LA

Student Created Native American Project

During this unit, students were given voice and choice in the creation of their final project. After lengthy “fishbowl” discussions, students collaboratively developed project ideas, requirements, and questions surrounding Native Americans in history. Students then had to address and answer one of the following essential questions by using photography, a video, artwork, a presentation, or a newspaper editorial. Essential questions: Can the Europeans conquest of Native Americans be justified? Have Native Americans been treated fairly by the United States government?

In addition to project creation, students formed written explanations and works cited page. We ended our project with a walking gallery where students were able to provide written feedback to one another.

Click below to view some of these projects

Solveig Painting


Editorial Project

Video Project