8th Grade French

Grade 8 French

Course Title: Grade 8 French (Click here for printable version)

Course Description

The Grade 8 French course uses reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to explore the French language and culture. Students will be able to carry on conversations about their self, family, friends, and weekend activities in French. They will role-play a phone conversation with a friend and a scene at a café. They will also study Paris and learn about shopping at an open air market.

Students will compare their family life to the lives of others their age in French-speaking countries and learn more about cities and countries around the world where more than 100 million people speak French. Free-time activities, family life, the café, places in the city, and open-air markets are the major cultural topics in this course.

Power Standards

  1. Interpretive – listening and reading comprehension: Student can derive meaning of main ideas and supporting details of  simple oral and written texts in the target language using practiced vocabulary and structures.
  2. Presentational – speaking and writing: Student can communicate, through speaking and writing, information on very familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases and sentences that have been practiced and memorized.
  3. Interpersonal – communication and conversation: Student expresses his or her self in conversations on very familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases, simple sentences and questions that have been highly practiced and memorized.

Course Outline

Essential Question:  How do I use French to communicate in a café setting?

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • How do I interact with others in a café setting?
  • How can I express my opinion of foods and beverages in French?
  • How can I make recommendations?
  • How do French people spend their time at cafés and how do their experiences compare to my own?
  • Expresses hunger and thirst
  • Names beverages and foods served in a café
  • Lists beverages and foods he/she likes and dislikes.
  • Identifies items on a French menu in a café
  • Role plays ordering a snack and beverage in a café
  • Suggests food and beverages to others
  • Compares cafés in the U.S. to cafés in France
Summative Projects: Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, Projects

Essential Question:  How is Paris different and similar to the city I live in?

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • What are the famous monuments and places in Paris?
  • What can I do and see at the different tourist attractions in Paris?
  • What is the general layout of Paris?
  • Locates Paris on a map
  • Lives a short summary of the size, location, and importance of Paris
  • Identifies places of importance to visit in Paris
Summative Projects: Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, Projects

How do I connect with others and my surroundings?

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • How can I make plans with others?
  • What can I say to accept or refuse an invitation?
  • How can I express when I do things?
  • How do I form a question in French utilizing key question words?
  • What can I do in a city including places to visit?
  • How can I ask a friend about their hobbies/interests?
  • Extends and responds to an invitation
  • Makes plans to do something with a friend
  • Says how often (which days) he/she does an activity
    Gives the official time using the 24-hour clock
  • Says what he/she is going to do on a certain day
  • Interviews a friend about what sports he/she does
Summative Projects: Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, Projects

How do I communicate relationships between people and describe myself and others in French?

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • Name my family members and friends and what they like to do?
  • How can I describe my personality and appearance in French and that of others?
  • What are the similarities and differences between family-life in France and in the U.S.?
  • Names members of his/her immediate and extended family by relationships
  • Describe family members: what they like to do, eat, their personality, and physical traits
  • Compares family roles and etiquette in the U.S. to those in a French-speaking countries
  • Understands a biography of a French-speaker
Summative Projects: Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, Projects

How do I communicate in French my needs in a market setting?

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • How do I describe what I want and need from the market?
  • What foods might I find at markets in French-speaking countries?
  • Compare mealtime of a French-speaking country to theirs
  • States and role plays what he/she needs to purchase.
  • Answers questions about things to buy or eat.
  • Describes shopping for food
  • Understands how to convert pounds to kilos
Summative Activities: Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, Projects

Career and Life Skills
Social and Cross Cultural

The student respects and contributes to the diverse learning community by:

  • Honoring the ideas and opinions of others and
  • Interacting effectively and appropriately with others
Productivity and Accountability

The student takes ownership of work and actions by:

  • Completing assignments on time
  • Arriving prepared and on time
  • Managing time
Initiative and Self Direction

The student demonstrates independence by:

  • Self-advocating for assistance or resources
  • Persevering through rigorous/challenging tasks
  • Utilizing feedback