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Parent Teacher Conferences

KA does not hold traditional parent teacher conferences. Parents or teachers can call for a conference at any time. If you want to meet with any of your child’s teachers at any time, please contact them to arrange a time.

We do hold student led conferences in the fall over three late afternoons/early evenings. Students will outline what they are currently doing and show what they have done to this point in the year. A teacher will be available to add points along the way when needed. In addition, eighth grade students will be reviewing their career planning information.

You will receive a letter by mid-October with your conference date and time. We schedule every family so no one has to wait in line.

As students prepare for these, it is a good reflective practice on their learning. At the same
time, we recognize some parents need/want some direct teacher time.

Teachers are present and will give some feedback, but if you want more time with a teacher, please contact them and schedule a mutually acceptable time, anytime. We do not believe concerns should be put off until a predetermined conference night. A conference with a teacher can be called at any time.