Project Starfish

Many families today are facing economic challenges. We don’t want that to be an obstacle for you to get involved at school and be a fully participating student.

Project Starfish is a program that can help you pay for things like:

  • Field Trips
  • Club or program fees
  • Instrument rental
  • Sports fees and or necessary shoes, gear, etc.
  • Athletic events
  • School dance fees
  • Yearbooks
  • Summer School
  • School supplies (calculators, jump drives, heart-rate monitors, etc.)

All Kaleidoscope students also have the opportunity to “pay it forward” with some type of volunteer service at our school. Project Starfish forms are available on the wall between Dr. Brant’s and Mr. Schaefer’s offices.

Turn it in to the office after you fill it out. Any questions, see the school counselor.

Project Starfish Mission and Grant Application