Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are an integral part of our school activities and your involvement is welcomed. Below are some specific examples where we can use your assistance. 

If you want to volunteer call the school at (920) 852-5430 or email

Kaleidoscope Board
The KA Governance Board is an eleven-member board to oversee the vision/mission and operation of KA based on the charter contract entered into with AASD. Applications may be filed with the school to serve on the Board at any time. The time commitment can vary, but would normally be about 2-4 hours a month depending on the subcommittee a person serves on.
Board Member Application (once complete, please email to the principal at [email protected] or mail to the school)

Kaleidoscope Community Resource Team
Our Kaleidoscope Charter Board is collaborating with the Erb Park Neighborhood to create a community involvement team to help with school-wide events, fundraising, and community involvement. Please join if you would like to learn more about the team.

Coordinator for 8th Grade Farewell Dance/Activity Night
This person (or persons if they want to co- coordinate) works with the principal to help organize a group of parents to plan the Farewell for our outgoing 8th graders.

Coordinator for Staff Appreciation Team
This person works with the team to organize and carry out the staff appreciation activities throughout the school year. Once the activities are named, the coordinator creates and monitors the “Bring It” list and then assigns other team members to specific roles. The coordinator also provides financial accountability for the funds collected and spent.

Staff Appreciation Team
Receives instructions from the coordinator to help with specific tasks (shopping, setting up, clean-up, cooking, etc.). May be monthly or less frequently depending on number of team members.

Lunchroom Assistant
Come in one day a week/month or more often to assist with lunchroom management, recycling efforts and clean-up, approximately 10:40-12:45 p.m.

LMC Volunteer
Reshelf books and assist with organizing the library. Help at your convenience (during the school day).

Building Committees
Many of our school committees meet at 7 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. once a month. We would love to have more parent involvement on these committees.