Meet Me in the Middle - New Student Orientation

Meet Me in the Middle - New Student Orientation
Posted on 07/15/2022
Future Kaleidoscope can get a head start on middle school!  Join us for a personal orientation to your new school environment called “Meet Me in the Middle”.  Come tour the building, get help with your locker combination, walk your schedule, move into your locker and learn middle school “survival tips.”  You will also learn about life in middle school and have fun with your future classmates and teachers. We can’t wait to meet you! 

Date:  Tuesday, August 16, 2022 

Time:  8:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.    
Please fill out the form below. You will receive a confirmation email in August with more details. If you have any concerns or questions please contact Shandee Kempf-Cohen, [email protected]  or Laura Dickenson at [email protected] at Kaleidoscope Academy or call the KA main office at 920-832-6294.

Link to virtual registration form!