Governance Board

Governance Board

Would you like to get more involved with Kaleidoscope Academy? If so, consider applying to be part of our governance board. 

Board Member Application
Governance Board Handbook


All full Board meetings are held on the third Wednesdays of Sept., Nov., Jan., Mar., and May with a longer meeting held in early August. All full Board and subcommittee meetings are open for our parents and public to join. All meetings are posted on our calendar.

Meeting Agenda

If you want to read up on what is going on, you can click here to access the meeting agendas.

Name   Position Phone Email 
Nancy Coonen*  Technology (W) 920-585-5258 email
Lisa Thiede**  Reg. Ed Teacher (W) 832-6294 email
Sabrina Robins  Director of Operations - Tapfin, a Manpower Group (C) 475-2486 email
Emily Bowles   (C) 224-4702 email
Annette Koepke  Fine Arts Teacher (W) 832-6294 email
Gretchen Richards  Special Education Teacher (W) 832-6294 email
Chris Vazquez  Reg. Ed Teacher (W) 832-6294 email
Andrew Moscinski  Reg. Ed Teacher/Parent (C) 268-8170 email
Brian Schauf  Innovation Technology Program Director, Schreiber Foods (H) 915-5915 email
Amanda Stuck  State Representative (C) 450-5460 email

* Represents the President
** Represents Vice-President

Al Brant (W) 832-6299 email