Grade 6 Family and Consumer Sciences

Grade 6 Family and Consumer Sciences – Healthy Lifestyles

Course Title: Grade 6 Family and Consumer Sciences – Healthy Lifestyles

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Course Description

We designed an instructional strategy that is preparing our students for their future. Employability skills, self and career awareness, as well as career exploration, planning and training will be integrated to expose students to future career options and provide opportunities for skill development in innovation, design, creativity and collaboration.   

Power Standards

  1. Student can demonstrate an understanding of FCS related vocabulary and concepts.
  2. Student can demonstrates proper planning, technical skills and final outcomes in foods labs and class projects.
  3. Student can apply academic experiences to the world of work, interrelationships, community, and/or life.

Course Outline

Self- Awareness – Mindset; Who Am I; Strengths, weaknesses, color personality

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • Why are goals important?
  • How does what you believe in and are good at play a part in the type of career you may choose?
  • What are employability skills and why are they important at school?
  • Understands the purpose and structure of setting SMART goals
  • Completes age appropriate value and aptitude inventories/assessments
  • Articulates personal strengths, challenges, and beliefs and relate it to careers
  • Self-reflection on employability skills
  • Understands how personal interests and skills relate to careers
Summative Projects: Interest Inventories, SMART goal reflection, Daily Employability Rubric

Academic and Career Planning (ACP)

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • Why do career salaries differ in amounts?
  • How does the standard of living you desire affect the career you choose?
  • What are career clusters and how do they pertain to specific careers?
  • What does multiple pathways to prosperity mean to you?
  • Demonstrates and understanding of the World of Work – salary, standards of living and connection to different careers
  • Understand there are multiple career pathways to prosperity
  • Differentiate the 16 career clusters and the various careers within them
Summative Projects: Career Cruising Research

Decision Making

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • Why is it important to like yourself?
  • What are the biggest physical and emotional changes that will happen to you before high school?
  • How would drug use change your life?
  • What thoughts go through your head before you make a big decision?
  • Identifies and affirms positive personal qualities and can link self-esteem with the topic of human sexuality.
  • Examines the physical and emotional changes of puberty.
  • Explains causes and consequences of drug abuse.
  • Models good decision-making skills in relation to peers and social situations.
Summative Projects: Group discussion, Self reflection

Foods and Nutrition

Guiding Questions Learning Objectives 
  • What are preparation and safety techniques important?
  • What is your idea of a healthy meal?
  • How would you describe the purpose of the Food Plate?
  • Why is a healthy lifestyle important?
  • Demonstrates basic food preparation techniques.
  • Demonstrates safety and sanitation in the kitchen.
  • Examines the food plate to make healthy life choices.
  • Draws conclusions using food labeling to find healthy choices.
  • Critiques social situations according to etiquette guidelines.
Summative Projects: Food labs, My Food Plate Project

Career and Life Skills
Social and Cross Cultural

The student respects and contributes to the diverse learning community by:

  • Honoring the ideas and opinions of others and
  • Interacting effectively and appropriately with others
Productivity and Accountability

The student takes ownership of work and actions by:

  • Completing assignments on time
  • Arriving prepared and on time
  • Managing time
Initiative and Self Direction

The student demonstrates independence by:

  • Self-advocating for assistance or resources
  • Persevering through rigorous/challenging tasks
  • Utilizing feedback