Principal BrantPrincipal

Al Brant Ph.D.

Al Brant has been an administrator in the AASD at Roosevelt for the past 22 years and was one of the founders for Kaleidoscope Academy. His entire career has been spent as a teacher or administrator at the middle school level. Dr. Brant arrives early every day and views his “job” as a calling and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Under his leadership, schools from around the state come to see how various aspects of Kaleidoscope operates in hopes of being able to recreate those in their schools. Dr. Brant believes the core subjects are important, but are only one component of a well-rounded education. The arts, the development of 21st century skills (employability skills), and the seamless use of technology are vital in the development of our youth to be prepared for a digital global society. This is all balanced with the social and emotional needs of our young pre-teen and early teens. In 2011 Dr. Brant was named the Charter School Innovator of the year for the state of Wisconsin.

Currently, Dr. Brant supports all of the Appleton Area School District’s Charter Schools as the AASD Charter School Liaison. Some of the areas that he works on with the AASD charter schools include; charters school governance boards, creating sustainability plans, recruitment, charter contract renewals, and grant opportunities.

Dr. Brant is married and he and Marsha have three grown children, Katie, Nick, and Alex. He enjoys his time spent with his family as well as time in the woods hunting and hiking, on the water fishing, traveling, and is an avid gardener. He earned his Ph.D. in Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University.

Associate Principal SchaeferAssociate Principal

Ian Schaefer

Mr. Schaefer grew up in Menomonee Falls, WI. He attended Wisconsin Lutheran College for Bachelor’s degree and Concordia Lutheran College for his Master’s degree. Teaching in Waukesha gave Mr. Schaefer some great perspective on classroom management and the importance of making learning meaningful.

Mr. Schaefer has a great family including his wife, April, and four kids, Josiah, Samuel, Emma, and Benjamin. Since moving up to Appleton in 2015, the family has enjoyed the city and its many resources and family friendliness! Mr. Schaefer enjoys board games, singing, playing guitar/ukulele, swimming, disc golf, and most of all any time with his family!

A large part of his philosophy in education is building the community and serving the students’ needs. Mr. Schaefer expects a lot out of his staff as well as the parents of our students. He would love to see parents as involved as you can at home and on school visits. Your involvement makes a huge difference in showing students that you care and what they are doing is meaningful. Regarding discipline, he has a firm belief that a consequence alone may not solve the issue. A plan of success comes out of every discipline situation in order to set the child up for positive change. Mr. Schaefer knows with the support from our staff, parents, and community these students will find success every year.